Zelensky explained the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Lysychansk

According to him, the Russian forces had a fire advantage in the battles for the city, so the Ukrainian command decided to withdraw troops and save the lives of the military

The Armed Forces of Ukraine retreated from Lysichansk in order to save the lives of the military, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message. At the same time, he promised that the Ukrainian forces would later return to the city.

«<…> We protect the lives of soldiers, our people. We will rebuild the walls, we will win back the land, and people must be protected most of all. And if the command of our army takes people from certain points of the front, where the enemy has the greatest fire advantage, in particular, this applies to Lisichansk, this means only one thing— that we will return thanks to our tactics, increasing the supply of modern weapons, & mdash; stressed the president.

He also assured that Ukraine “does not give anything away.”

Before that, on Sunday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained that the decision to withdraw troops from Lysichansk was made based on the unequal balance of forces with Russia. “The continuation of the defense of the city would lead to fatal consequences. For the sake of saving the lives of the Ukrainian defenders, it was decided to leave,— stated there.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the complete encirclement of Lisichansk on the afternoon of July 3. The department also noted that fighting was going on in the city.

The day before, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, claimed that Russian forces and the military of the LPR were in the center of Lisichansk. According to him, they carried out a “cleansing” cities from Ukrainian forces. By evening, Kadyrov declared that Lisichansk had been taken under control by Russian forces.

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Zelensky noted that it was impossible to talk about the capture of Lysichansk under the control of the Russian military, since fighting was still going on in the vicinity of the city.

Lysichansk remained the last large city on the territory of the Luhansk region of Ukraine, in the borders of which the LPR seeks to establish control. On Sunday, the Ministry of Defense reported that the head of the ministry, Sergei Shoigu, reported to President Vladimir Putin about the “liberation” of LPR.

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