Zelensky instructs the Cabinet to consider the idea of ​​banning fireworks

The idea to ban pyrotechnics was put forward by citizens who filed a petition. Zelensky said in his response that the use of fireworks should be regulated under martial law ” alt=”Zelensky instructed the Cabinet to consider the idea of ​​banning fireworks” />

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky instructed the government to study the issue of banning the use of fireworks during martial law in the country. Earlier, citizens addressed the head of state with a corresponding petition.

“I support the concern about the increase in dangerous consequences due to the use of a variety of pyrotechnic products in everyday life and I believe that their use during martial law should be clearly regulated at the legislative level»,— Zelensky's response says.

He also drew attention to the fact that the production, storage, transportation and trade of pyrotechnic products in Ukraine are not subject to licensing, and the rules for their sale and use are not defined by the current legislation.

According to President, the petition was sent to the Cabinet of Ministers with a request to consider it, take the necessary response measures and inform the author of the results.

The text of the petition is posted on the website of the President of Ukraine. It says that a variety of pyrotechnic products in recent years have become extremely popular when celebrating various events. The author points out that pyrotechnics are often used near residential buildings and playgrounds. Because of this, people often get injured, participants in hostilities experience stress, and pets are endangered, the petition notes.

The author proposes to legally ban the import, sale and use of any pyrotechnics, close shops selling it and impose a fine for violating these rules.

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Martial law was introduced in Ukraine early in the morning on February 24, immediately after the start of Russia's military operation. Initially, the regime was introduced for a period of 30 days, but later it was repeatedly extended. The last time martial law was extended until August 23.

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